Our Story

My name is Sam, 39 year old owner of "Sam's Unique Fortune Cookie's", based in Christchurch, Dorset I live with my husband and 3 cheeky boy's, aged 6, 9 and 11, although we do have an extended family including 3 more older "boy's" and daughter of 28, with our lovely grandson Harvey. 

Living near the beach has it's advantages.....

I started my journey 2 years ago after a good friend of mine hosted a Chinese themed dinner party and I wanted to take something different than the usual bottle of wine, I came up with the idea to make some Fortune Cookies with a twist, I added a drinking phrase in each cookie!!

Only after the amazing feedback from my friends and family, I started to get creative and experimented with ideas, supplying different themed fortune cookies to friends, family and colleagues for all types of events.

I was encuraged to take my idea to the next level, creating my own businees, as the idea is truly unique.

I am now a registered business, supplying my fortune cookies for weddings, parties, actually any type of event and occasion.....

I am still a small business, every fortune cookie is handmade with care and attention to detail by me, I feel a sense of pride when I see photo's of my creation sent to me by happy customers!