We have created many different type's of birthday Fortune Cookies...


Party Bag fillers for Kid's party's, we have made many novel Fortune Cookies for Kid's party bags, matching the theme of the party, a really different idea from the standard party bags

We have also supplied as part of a Sweetie pack, see the gallery opposite for some examples

Something a little different for a Birthday Party, include drinking dares inside the Fortune Cookies

Birthday Gifts for a parent or grandparent from their son or daughter

See our pictures for example designs, message ideas and customer feedback from previous orders for Baby Showers

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Birthday Party

Golden Nugget Party Bag
Red & Blue Sprinkles for Party Bags
Red and Blue Sprinkles
Party Bags
80's Party
50th Birthday Party
Party Bags
Birthday Party
Party Bags
18th Birthday Party
Birthday night out
50th Birthday Gift
Birthday Party
Birthday Party
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