Fully personalised fortune cookies 

Our Fortune Cookies don't just look great, they taste great too!

Each and everyone of our fortune cookie's are handmade, and truly personalised. There are many websites now offering "personalised" fortune cookies, but many only offer a few personalised phrases and flavours, we are a FULLY personalised service....

We can work with you to personalise each item. You let us know the phrase you want, each fortune cookie can have a unique phrase, make it funny, inspirational, personal or even a risky dare! The only restriction is the number of letters we can squeeze in, about 50 characters.

You can look at some sample phrases by clicking on the box "Phrase Ideas" opposite.

Each fortune cookie is made with a natural ingrediant mix, shaped by hand, then dipped in the chocolate of your choice (milk, dark, white or flavoured), and finished with sprinkles, pearls, a sugar paste or rice paper decoration.

Each fortune cookie will be bagged and finished with a decorative ribbon to match your colour theme.

Take a look at the catorgories below, but do not worry about asking for something different, we love trying new idea's....