Spice up the Hen Party for the Bride to Be with a truly unique gift for all the Hens!

You can choose a design, "L" plates, be creative with a design or colour to match the wedding theme or even the colour of the t-shirts you are wearing...

You can be as risky as you want, with dares, jokes or drinking games, I am sure the Bride will appreciate your efforts??

We can squeeze in up to 50 words, so let your imagination run wild

Each fortume cookie will be bagged seperately, with a ribbon to match your colour scheme

As well as offering the option to design your own Fortune Cookies, we have a Standard Package of 20 Fortune Cookies, with white choloate, pink sprinkles and "L" plates. Each Fortune Cookie with a different dare inside, be brave.....

Our Hen Party Package is £40 for 20 Fortune Cookies, or design your own at a cost of £2.50 per fortune cookie

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Hen Party

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Hen Party
Hen Party
Hen Party
Hen Party
Hen Party
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