Each and every one of our fortune cookies can have a personalised message inside, to be revealed when you crack open your fortune cookie.

You tell us want you want, it could be a typical type motivational phrase, a personal message, a thank you, and I love you, a surprise, a joke or even dares and drinking games!

Take a look at our phrase exmples in our gallery opposite, these are all phrases created by and for our previous customers.

You can personalise your message by typing your phrase into the comments box when you order your Fortune Cookies.

Visit our Shop to get started, you can also message me through our Contact us page.

Phrase Idea's

Personalised messages
Wedding Table Ideas
Wedding Table Ideas
Christmas Table
Leaving Present
Mother's Day
Honeymoon Reveal
Baby Shower
Fathers Day
Children's Parties
Kid's Birthday Parties
18th Birthday night out
Birthday Parties
Birthday Gift
Teacher's Gift
Wedding Favours
Hen Party Phrases